Seaweed is potentially the most valuable plant on Earth


It’s one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, restores ocean ecosystems, significantly reduces greenhouse gases, helps grow and protect crops, has the potential to be a potent biofuel source, and much more. However, seaweed production trails surging demand.

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Bluefields’ mission is to sustainably scale global seaweed production

We’ll do this by building a Commons Exchange for the industry. And in the process, activate mechanisms central to growing markets: buyer/seller aggregation, price transparency, ready access to liquidity.

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Introducing the Seaweed Commons Exchange

Secure, distributed, audible transactions

Easy, secure, decentralized transactions

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Governed and owned by exchange participants

Token appreciation driven by the escalating value of the seaweed industry

Investment in crowdfunded, sustainable growth technologies

Reinvestment of proceeds into sustainable seaweed production technologies

Industry tokens that appreciate in value as the seaweed industry grows


Our goal is to significantly improve both the environment and people’s lives

We'll achieve this by harnessing the power of cooperative capitalism, channeled through a decentralized marketplace.

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